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Latin “oliva” Olive / Olive Tree

This tree from Syria, can live for more than a thousand years. The Greeks looked on the olive tree as a present from Pallas-Athene, founder of Athens. For the Romans, the olive was the symbol of harmony and the Goddess of Peace was crowned with its wreaths. The first olive trees were brought to France in the V11th century B.C. by the Phoenicians when Massalia- Marseilles was founded.

The Japanese lino print of the olive tree was completed after a visit to St Paul de Mausole, St Remy, Provence. Van Gogh lived here in the clinic within a monastery between 1889 and 1890. The clinic is surrounded by olive trees at the foot of Les Alpilles, a low mountain ridge sheltering Glanum a Roman settlement.

Gill is an artist and lecturer who has specialized in print, exhibiting nationally and internationally and has lived and worked in the area of St Remy for the past eleven years capturing the landscape of Les Alpilles and the surrounding countryside.

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